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Chocolate Banana Creme Brulee at Kona cafe – Florida Food Fridays

This week we try the Banana Creme Brulee at The Disney's Polynesian Hotel's Kona Cafe. A beautiful dish in a beautiful resort hotel.

That's right its time for Florida Food Fridays at Compare Orlando where we take a look at the best way to eat your way around Orlando! If you missed last week's Grilled Chicken “BLT” at Mythos you can take a peek at the link at the bottom of the page.

Creme Brulee with a Chocolate Banana Twist

Creme Brulee is a classic French dish that roughly translates to burnt cream, don't let that put you off though! If you've never had Creme Brulee it consists of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. It can be served hot but normally it is served at room temperature.

The Creme Brulee at Kona Cafe however goes two steps further by adding a banana and chocolate to the mix. A fresh banana is fused to a topping of hard caramel which tastes amazing, the banana flavour goes perfectly with the custard base of the creme brulee too. The chocolate comes in the form of a perfectly tempered chocolate arch which when mixed with the banana and custard makes for a brilliantly decadent dessert.

Kona Cafe and the Polynesian Resort

To get a hold of this treat you'll need to head over to the newly refurbished Polynesian Resort Hotel. Even if you're not eating this is a great hotel to go and have a look around and there are always some activity going on. It's easy to get to too, a short trip from the Magic Kingdom is the easiest way to get there with transport available by Monorail, Bus and Boat all free of charge. If you're travelling by car there is a large car park which is also free of charge just be sure to tell the ticket booth staff you have a reservation at the hotel and they'll wave you right through.

The Polynesian resort has recently been renovated in 2014 and has a beautiful lobby, a great gift shop and loads of places to go and eat. Once you're done eating and shopping make sure you have some time to nip down to the beach and enjoy a beautiful Florida evening watching the waves roll in.

Tasty Treat Tips

For the best meal at the Kona Cafe we have the following tasty treat tips for you!

  • If you're at Magic Kingdom take the resort express monorail which will take you straight to the hotel
  • Haven't got a head for heights? Take the boat from outside the Magic Kingdom which is usually the quickest route
  • The bread service is fantastic at Kona, make sure you plan to eat plenty of it
  • Book a reservation if you're driving so you don't get charged to get through the Magic Kingdom ticket booth
  • The Polynesian is home to the famous Trader Sam's, if you can find a seat make sure to grab a drink
  • Also check out the website for Kona Cafe where you can book a table or read the menu.
Our Rating

Taste: 8/10 - Great combination and a super high quality set of ingrediants

Look: 8/10 - Very well presented and posh

Availability: 7/10 - Easy to get to but limited availability

Value: 7/10 - At $7.00 its not too bad for a dessert

Overall: 75% - Lovely way to finish a meal at Kona cafe

First Hand Review - We did on our honeymoon in 2014

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