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Grilled Chicken “BLT” at Mythos – Florida Food Fridays

This week we try the Grilled Chicken BLT at Mythos in Universal Studios' Islands Of Adventure. We're back at Mythos to try their take on a classic sandwich.

That's right its time for Florida Food Fridays at Compare Orlando where we take a look at the best way to eat your way around Orlando! If you missed last week's Chinook Cedar Plank Salmon at Artist Point you can take a peek at the link at the bottom of the page.

BLT - A Theme park take on a classic

A BLT as I'm sure you all know stands for Bacon, Lettuce and tomato, this goes one better by throwing chicken on that too! Starting with a whole marinated chicken breast, cheddar cheese is then smothered all over. Sounds great and we haven't even got to the BLT yet!

The B comes in the form of applewood smoked bacon, L comes as iceberg lettuce and an unusual twist for T is tomato Jam. We're not done yet as lastly we add pickled red onion and a side of french fries.

Served between warm, soft, warm bread this makes for a great light lunch for a busy day in Universal's Islands of Adventure.

The Menu at Mythos can be quite fancy at times if you're travelling with teens who may not like items like blackened Fish Tacos. Having a simple classic that even fussy teens won't turn their nose up at is really handy for families.

Mythos - Food From The Gods?

Mythos is one of the most recognisable restaurants in Islands of Adventure and possibly in all of Orlando. Although many people may have just walked past thinking its just another piece of amazing scenery.

Mythos is the premium restaurant in Islands of Adventure and arguable Universal Studios, serving a mix of high end 'fancier' food and good quality standards like burger and fries. I think its fair to say that the whole family will be happy with the choice of restaurant.

The service is fantastic and the theming inside is unlike any other restaurant you will ever go to, I promise you that. You get the feeling that you are inside a mountain and sat just behind that 8th wonder of the world 'The Back side of Water'.

A mention has to go out to the complimentary bread service here. Freshly backed artisan bread is brought to your table shortly before you eat. On this trip we had rosemary infused, amazing. Even the butter is pressed into the Universal Studios logo which is a great tough to see in a heavily themed restaurant.

Mythos does get quite busy around the usual eating times and the reception area is tiny for the size of the restaurant, this is one you will definitely want to book for or eat at an off peak time.

Tasty Treat Tips

For the best meal at Mythos we have the following tasty treat tips for you!

  • If you can book early, Mythos gets very busy at the usual eating times
  • Not booked a reservation? Think about having a late lunch or an early dinner
  • Ask for a table by the window you might get lucky with a view of 'the backside of water', even if you don't it's a great view!
  • When planning your meal remember you'll want to eat all that lovely bread service
  • The toilets are hidden away on the right as you come in (next to the bridge(Yes, there is a bridge in the restaurant!))/li>
  • Also check out the website for Mythos where you can book a table or read the menu.
Our Rating

Taste: 7/10 - Tasty with lots of flavours

Look: 7/10 -Good looking food

Availability: 7/10 - Easy to get to but does get quite busy, so you may have to wait a little while

Value: 10/10 - Currently $11.99  which is fantastic value for a prestigious restaurant in the middle of a theme park

Overall: 78% - A great choice for all the family

First Hand Review - We did on our honeymoon in 2014

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