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New Entertainment Offerings Coming to Tomorrowland

The Magic Kingdom park will be getting some new entertainment in it’s Tomorrowland, starting from late spring Rocket Tower Plaza Stage will be hosting an ‘intergalactic dance party’ with a DJ making sure that all guests will be able to experience music that is a galaxy of fun. This does mean that The Incredibles dance party will be ending but as this new ‘intergalactic dance party’ will be much more in theme with Tomorrowland we’re sure it will be a hit with guests!

That’s not all for Tomorrowland either! A new, advanced and interactive robot will be roaming the area around the Rocket Tower Plaza stage entertaining guests. The robot called Showbot is a robot from another galaxy that has decided to visit Earth. Eager to learn about Earthlings and Earth culture this is bound to create fun and chaos for the whole family. Our sources are reporting that this test may be over but seems to have gone well so we expect this Showbot to make another visit to Earth. Maybe this time even with his friends!

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