Want to become an Orlando expert? Simply follow our top 10 Tips to book and enjoy a top class holiday, we call them our 10 things to know before you go. Let’s get started!


1.Your hotel can be for more than sleeping

When most people talk about a hotel, they often say ‘Its only for sleeping anyway’ however booking a special hotel can change your holiday into a special hotel.
Many of the Disney hotels offer special features such as being able to get to the parks via an internal monorail or having a balcony overlooking an African savannah.You may only use a hotel for a few hours at a time but if you choose a hotel near where you’ll spend most of the time, going back for a mid afternoon nap can really help you pack in more, especially in the summer months where the mid day heat can really sap your energy.




2. Things may and probably won’t go 100% to plan

The more you plan the more likely you are for something along the way to change that plan. Even the best planners who build in contingencies can face problems with unexpected crowds or rides that unexpectedly break down.

Again in the mid day summer heat this can cause arguments if you stick to rigidly to a plan, try to build some flexibility in so if somebody can’t keep up you can find a quiet area of the park for a chill out.

Nobody ever comes back from Orlando saying they did everything or that their plan went perfect everyday, the main thing is to ensure you enjoyed your holiday to the maximum capacity.

The best thing to do is to accept this before you go, say to yourself we’ll try to do everything but if don’t we’ll still have fun and make sure you don’t make any promises you can’t keep.




3. The parks don’t close on time

This one is a little odd but most people think if a park says it closes at 9 its closed at 9 however you can stay in the park much later. You may notice rides start closing around the close time but shops and restaurants remain open, this can be a great way of getting some shopping done when the park is less busy.

Also if you are at a Disney park and the park is open for ‘Extra Magic Hours’ that evening then stay there, if you’re staying with Disney you’ll get full use of the park cast members will just scan your magic band or park tickets before you get on a ride. If you’re staying else where you can stay in the park just not ride the rides, this can be great in parks like Epcot where there is much more to see than ride.




4. Stock up on supplies at a local supermarket

Snacks and drinks can be…… are very expensive in the parks, if you want to cut down on costs visit a local supermarket and stock up on one of your first days.
If you’re hotel has a fridge in the room, buying milk and cereal can really save you money on paying for breakfast every day.




5. At Universal Studios keep metal objects to a minimum

Universal Studios has a policy of metal detectors before entering the park and before riding any roller coasters, a handy way to streamline your day is to cut down on the metal you carry, for example only taking one set of keys or not wearing a belt.

Loose items are also not permitted on roller coasters, free lockers are allowed but again cutting down on the items you take into the park can help make this a lot easier.

Protip: An upside down hat is a great way of keeping your items together.




6. Read trip reports

Trip reports are when somebody posts essentially a diary of their holiday online for everybody else to read, they can also be called ‘trippies’ or ‘trippys’. It can be a great way to discover new places, create a plan, learn from other people’s mistakes or even just get excited.

Try and find a trip report with a family or couple who are a similar age and dynamic as yours and you’ll get a great idea of what your holiday might be like.




7. Ask, ask and ask again.

You’re bound to have questions about your holiday so just ask, don’t be shy you’re bound to find an expert on a forum, with your travel agent, concierge or with the experts at Compare Orlando. We Orlando experts love to talk about Orlando and you’ll probably pick up some great tips you weren’t even asking about.


If you need an answer quickly why not check out our Olrando AQA service.




8. Sun cream, water and hats are a must!

We all know Orlando is warm all year round but so many people fail to take proper precautions, SPF50+ (UVA and UVB) and a good hat are a must for summer months and even holidaymakers in winter months will want to stock up on sun cream, you can still expect temperatures up to 30 Celsius.

Drinking plenty of fluids is a great idea all year round too.

Remember a little time preparing can save you from the misery of having two weeks with sunburn!




9. Use the hotel shop for gifts

When you want to enjoy your holiday you don’t want to be hunting around the parks looking for gifts when you should be enjoying yourself. Luckily most hotels (especially Disney hotels) have exceptional hotel shops that usually contain the best items from the parks. This makes them great for picking up everybody’s gifts and the best is you only have to take them upstairs to your room.

The gift shops will also have a great range of general good, ranging from wine to antiseptic cream so before you take a trip out to buy something have a look in the gift shop, it may be more expensive but also more convenient.




10. Beware of SCAMS

Orlando is a generally safe area for tourists, the local economy depends on tourists so we’re looked after very well (infact they even have tourist police!) however there will always be criminals who attempt to scam tourists out of their money. Fortunately there are very easy ways to stay safe; here are the three main scams and how to stay safe.

  1. Fake tickets / used tickets
    1. You can get cheaper tickets however be vary weary of heavily discounted tickets or tickets where you have to use somebody else’s name as these are fake or used
    2. To avoid this just buy your tickets from a reputable dealer before you go! Use our ticket comparison page to get the cheapest deal.
  2. Overcharging for petrol / gas
    1. There a a very few number of petrol stations that charge over the odds for petrol hoping tourists who are unaware of prices will fill up at the massively inflated prices.
    2. To avoid this, check a few prices first at other stations, stick to the branded petrol stations or best of all fill up on Disney property which offers a very competitive priced petrol station.
  3. Fake Goods
    1. The same as every tourist area fake goods are easy to find, from Disney to branded clothes and electrical goods.
    2. The most simple way to avoid this is if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Stick to buying Disney branded goods at Disney shops and you’ll avoid disappointment.